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Make friends with Cinderella (Macarthur Chronicle Jan 24, 2017)

MEETING Cinderella maybe every child’s dream and The Wizard of Oz Funland, Leumeah, is fulfilling this wish with a fun and interactive version of the fairy tale. The Cinderella Princess-themed day, on Wednesday from 11am, will give children a chance to meet Cinderella and dress up before helping her tell her story on stage.

The Wizard of Oz Funland director Brian Laul said he was always looking for various fun activities for children to join in. “Cinderella is perfect for that because it has something for the girls and the boys,” he said.

“Self-image is really important for children and Cinderella is a positive role model of what happens if you act in a positive and loving way.”

Parents can also watch their children perform on the stage. “There is more social interaction when you do things with others and parents love it because it’s something positive and different for children,” Mr Laul said. Participants can enjoy face painting, mini golf and a free ice cream to cool off. “It’s a magical experience.Children can come and let their mind run wild,’’ Mr Laul said.

Cost: $11 for children Details: 4626 7777

Join the Party at Santa’s (Macarthur Chronicle Dec 6, 2016)

THE Wizard of Oz Funland in Leumeah is hosting its annual Community Christmas Party with Santa on Sunday.

Staff have lots of activities prepared for children on the day, including Christmas karaoke and face painting, as well as the chance to play in Snow Land, or a forest filled with Christmas trees.

Santa’s helpers will be in Santa’s Bubble Garden, right next to Santa’s Workshop and a nativity scene.

Director Brian Laul is also asking residents to get think about donating a gift for the toy appeal.

“In the Christmas spirit of caring and sharing, those visiting are invited to bring a little toy or book for our Christmas Hospital Toy Appeal,” Mr Laul said.

The party will include food, drinks, entertainment and a gift from Santa. RSVP before December 8. The Christmas set will remain at the funland until December 22.

To book, call the funland on 4626 7777.

Aussie Stars in Macarthur Chronicle Oct 25, 2016

AUDIENCES in Shanghai, China were delightfully entertained when Leumeah’s The Wizard of Oz show took part in a week of performances for the This Is Australia Festival.

Director Brian Laul. from The Wizard of Oz Funland said Chinese audiences got into the spirit of things despite the obvious language barrier.

“Because this is a highly interactive version of the (Wizard of Oz) story with lots of comedy and music that today’s kids can identify with, it’s lots of fun for everyone,” Mr Laul said.

Mr Laul said it was an honour for the show to be selected to represent the nation at the showcase of Australian products, food, wine and entertainment in Shanghai’s Di Shui Hu Recreational Park. The show was so well received that it has been invited back to China next year.

“They’ve even challenged Shakey the Scarecrow to do the Hokey Pokey in Mandarin, so that’s going to be fun,” the show’s program co-ordinator Christerine Laul said. The show has completed more than4,000 performances around the world.

Planting Smiles by Busy Bees in Macarthur Chronicle June 21, 2016

THE WIZARD OF OZ FUNLAND in Leumeah celebrated #DoSomethingDay with a community working bee to make potted gifts for the elderly. Mums and bubs joined together to make little arrangements of succulent pots donated to the Frank Whiddon Masonic Home and Uniting Church Cottage Care at a community function.

Tim Pickles of Tim’s Garden Centre, and Woodbine’s plant enthuasiast Erika Kennar donated the plant cuttings.

“Having plants around is proven to be good for well-being and succulents are such low maintenance”, Funland program director Christerine Laul said.

Tia Brennan donated some bikes to Uniting Church Cottage Care with Channel 7’s Sunrise filming the exchange.

Champion of the West in Macarthur Chronicle April 19, 2016

COMMUNITY groups, schools, young entrepren-eurs and small businesses have the chance to win $10,000 as part of this year’s Champions of the West grants.

Drug and alcohol education organisation Youth Solutions was the winner of the indigenous excellence category last year and received $10,000.

Communications co-ordinator Amanda Dillon said the funds benefited both the organisation and the community because they went towards the Artucation Project. “The project focuses on young indigenous people and fuses drug and alcohol education with creative expression,” she said. “The grant really helped raise the profile of the project and helped us purchase paint, supplies and resources.”

The organisation was also able to extend the program. “We’re thankful to all those involved because it helped us better support young people,” Ms Dillon said.

“The awards acknowledge the importance of community development work and we encourage other community organisations to apply. It’s a win because you get both funding and awareness for your cause.”

In 2014, the team at Wizard of Oz Funland received $10,000 to create the Celebrate Campbelltown historical DVD.

Director Brian Laul said the grant was just what the group needed to kick start the project. “To find funding to get a good idea off the ground is hard.” he said. “The grant helped speed up the process and give the idea life: it found its wings after that. I’d encourage anyone to apply.”

Funland Harmony Day Disco in Macarthur Chronicle March 15, 2016

The Wizard of Oz Funland will celebrate Harmony Day this year with a world music disco karaoke evening on Saturday.

The event from 5-8pm will celebrate inclusiveness for children of all backgrounds with the theme “strength in diversity”.

Funland director Brian Laul said Harmony Day was culturally important.

“What better way to truly celebrate our rich local multicultural fabric than through music,” Mr. Laul said.

Patrons are encouraged to come dressed in their cultural costumes.

Tickets cost $11 per child and adults are free.

Book on 46267777 or go to thewizardofozfunland.com.

Funland Disco for Harmony Day – Macarthur Advertiser March 15, 2016

Harmony Day Advertiser

The Wizard of Oz Funland in Leumeah will celebrate Harmony Day this year with a disco karaoke evening of world music on Saturday, March 19.

Celebrating the theme ‘Strength in Diversity’, the karaoke night will include chart toppers as well as music from cultures across the globe.

“What better way to truly celebrate our rich local multicultural fabric than through music,” Funland director Brian Laul said.

“Our DJ has some great dance hits lined up – from Bollywood, K-Pop, the Samoans, Filipinos and Vietnamese, not to forget the Sri Lankan laila.”

Running frmo 5pm-8pm, the disco will also included games and prizes, and guests are encouraged to dress up in cultural costumes.

“It’s important that while we talk about Strength in Diversity, we don’t limit ourselves to just various cultural communities but truly celebrate inclusiveness of the local LGBT community as well,” Mr Laul said.

Tickets are $11 per child, and adults are free. 

Details: 4626 7777, thewizardofozfunland.com.

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