Educational Excursions


Achieving National Curriculum outcomes. Year Round Excursions from $10pp

The Wizard of Oz Funland is proud to offer primary school students an educational experience in a creative and fun environment.

The excursion will provide students with an excellent opportunity to experience the story of The Wizard of Oz come alive with special sound & light wizardry. It’s a truly magical experience aided by the latest technology including lasers and falling snow . You walk from scene to scene down the yellow brick road through Munchkinland, Cornfield, Forest & Emerald City as the story unfolds around you with effective storytelling.

During the excursion, students will also be able to participate in a range of activities such as role play, Q & A session, characterisation, vocal presentation, movement and craft, based on the story of The Wizard of Oz and appropriate for their age.

You will receive a Free Education Pack relating to your excursion, containing work sheets and The Wizard of Oz Show DVD to re-enforce the learning experience.

The Funland is home to The Wizard of Oz Show that represented Australia at the International Storytellers Festival. It has done over 3800 performances internationally, received rave reviews at the world’s largest Oz Festival in the USA and is proud International Ambassador for IVI’s Eye Care Awareness Campaign.

An excursion to The Wizard of Oz Funland directly supports the K-6 curriculum especially in these areas:

  • Engaging personally with a text as it comes alive, making connections with students’ own experiences and those of the characters (ACELT1582, ACELT1596, ACELT1613);
  • Responding to various techniques that authors use to make stories exciting, moving and absorbing, for example character development and plot tension (ACELT1605);
  • Exploring how depictions of characters in print, sound and images reflect the contexts in which they were created (ACELT1587);
  • Understanding meaning and emotions through listening and speaking, viewing and representing. (ACELA1787).

Do not hesitate to discuss with us any specific outcomes that you wish to achieve from your excursion to The Wizard of Oz Funland.

Education Programs Manager:
Christerine Laul MA, B.Ed, ATCL (Trinity College London
Phone: 02 4626 7777